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This week, I wanted to help spark some creativity for those who may be suffering from the dreaded Mid-NaNo slump. Hopefully, this prompt will get you started up again! Hang in there! You can do it. :)

You find yourself sitting at your desk, watching the cursor on your computer blink over and over again. With each blink, your eyes become more heavy and soon you fall asleep. Moments later, you awake to find yourself not sitting at your desk, but in a strange land. Describe where you are, who you meet, and how you try to get home (if you even want to, that is..).

I just want to remind everyone that if you have a writing prompt you wish to share here for Writing Prompt Wednesday, please send them to me at thestoryinme (at) gmail dot com. Don’t forget to include your name and blog address so I can give you credit!

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First off, don’t forget to sign up for my Halloween short story blog fest in the previous post. It’ll be a lot of fun, I promise. :) And spread the word!

For this writing prompt Wednesday, we are continuing our “spookified” writing prompt Wednesdays for this month. As always, if you have a writing prompt you want to share here, please e-mail them to me at thestoryinme (at) gmail (dot) com. Please include with the prompt your name and blog address so I can give you credit!

Here we go with this week’s writing prompt!

Think of the perfect horror movie villain. Make him/her/it the most unique that you can. Write down all of the details of what it looks like, sounds like, feels like, and even smells like. Where does it reside? What does it do? Be as descriptive as possible and if you can, draw your character.

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First off, part six of my current serial story, Hello From Mexico is now up at Serial Central. Make sure to check that out if you  haven’t already. As always, comments are always appreciated. :) Let me know how think the story is going.

I also wanted to clarify something from my last post. I have been asked to help contribute on a few other blogs, but that doesn’t mean this blog is ending. I’m definitely not giving up this blog.  It may be sad to say, but this has become like a child to me and it is something that I am proud of. This blog has grown so much since I started it in May. It’s been almost a year and I can’t wait to celebrate that one year “Bloggerversary” with everyone!  It’ll be a good time.

I was going to write a full post tonight with my Writing Prompt Wednesday, but my internet connection isn’t really cooperating with me tonight (go figure..) and my sinuses are going a little haywire. So, I’ll just end with this week’s writing prompt and I’ll make sure to write a great post for you all tomorrow! You can count on it.

  • Looking through your grandmother’s attic one day, you find an small old box that you have never seen before. While your grandmother was out, you decide to open it and see what’s inside.  Continue on with the story.

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Have you ever started to write something and then ended up completely hating it or start to feel like it’s going nowhere? Do you dread sitting down to write it? Does it end up with an overwhelming urge to bang your head on the desk and trashcan the story?  I have. Recently in fact.

I’ve been working my new serial story for awhile now. It’s a bit different than my last one and I guess it’s hard to adjust to that.  I don’t know where it’s going.. I can’t even see myself finishing it.  But, I’ve realized that I’m never one to just give up on a story. I started it. I have to finish it.

I was given some great advice awhile ago.  This person told me the way to bring a dull story back to life (and let me tell you, this story needs some CPR or something..) is to make it eccentric somehow. Introduce a zany eccentric character, make the plot twist more than you thought. Anything is possible. I guess I forgot that.

The only way I’d quit this story was if it really took me away from my novel. Has it? In some ways, yes. I’ll keep going and see where it all ends up. I do appreciate all that have taken the time to read it. It means a lot to me.

Now, let’s get on with this week’s Writing Prompt Wednesday.

  • Look through a photo album. Find one picture that you like the most and write a story about that day, using different characters that you come up with.

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First off, a quick reminder that part 3 of my new serial story, Hello From Mexico, is now up at Serial Central! Make sure to check it out and let me know what you think. Click here to get to the post.

Now, let’s get to our last Writing Prompt Wednesday of 2010!

  • During  a neighbor’s New Years Eve party, you meet a mysterious stranger who claims he once knew you as a child.  Write a story about the encounter.  Start it out with: I can never forget that mysterious man, the one who said he knew me….

For 2011, if you have any writing prompts you want to share here on this blog during our weekly Writing Prompt Wednesday, please do not hesitate to send them via my e-mail thestoryinme@gmail.com or leave them in the comment section! I’ll make sure to include them with proper credit!

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I was inspired the other day. So inspired that I finally continued writing in the book I haven’t worked on in a couple of months. For those months, I found myself blocked.  I knew why I was blocked, but it was a personal issue that I just had to be patient about. I knew it would get better in time, but I just had to wait it out.

Luckily, the other day, it ended, and I was able to finish chapter thirteen. That chapter became the bane of my existence. It haunted and taunted me daily. I knew I would conquer it eventually. Sometimes these things just take time.

I’ve always been told that patience is an amazing quality to have, and I agree. I find it’s especially important for a writer to have. Otherwise, you’ll become completely frustrated when you run into a block and find yourself fighting with your own writing. These writers are the ones who sadly throw up their hands and give up. I say, don’t give up. Just take a deep breath and be patient. You’ll get it back. You have to make your story work. :)

Just a reminder, my second annual blog fest will be coming up on January 7th. The rules are pretty simple, but I’ll repeat them again just in case someone missed them or wants to sign up. There’s still time! :)

  • This blog fest is entitled “Interview With a Character Blog Fest”. Think about one of your most intriguing characters that you would like to get to know more and interview them. Make it as long or short as you want.
  • It’s due January 7th. On that day, post the interview on your blog with a link to my blog. I’ll also have a post with all of the participants and links to their interviews.
  • If you would prefer for me to post it on my blog, just let me know by e-mail: thestoryinme@gmail.com and I’ll be glad to do so for you.
  • If you still want to sign up, please e-mail me at the e-mail listed above or comment here with a  link to your blog. :)
  • I look forward to reading all of the interviews!

Now, it’s time for yet another Writing Prompt Wednesday: Christmas Edition!

  • You find yourself decorating your christmas tree with your family. One of the oldest Christmas decorations falls and shatters on the floor. Your grandmother picks up the pieces and starts to tell you the story of the decoration. Write up that story.

Also, a quick reminder. Part two of my newest serial story, Hello From Mexico, is now up at Serial Central. :) Check it out and let me know what you think.  Click here to get to the story.

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To start this off, I’m going to announce the subject of my next blog fest! This time around I think we’re going to deal more with the character side of stories rather than just the story itself.   So, I’m very excited to announce “Interview With The Character” Blog Fest! All you have to do is either take a character you either love or hate from a story you’ve written (or a character you just created!) and conduct an interview with that character. It’s a great way to get really creative and get inside your character’s mind.  The tentative deadline for this blog fest is January 7th, so you have a few weeks to get started. Also, please feel free to spread the word to those you feel would also be interested in participating in this. The more, the merrier!

If you’re interested in participating, please let me know by either commenting here or e-mailing me at thestoryinme@gmail.com. Make sure to leave your blog’s link so I can link your blog on the blog fest day. Let’s make this one really fun.

Alright, let’s get on with Writing Prompt Wednesday!

  • Write a short story based on this line: “I just couldn’t believe my luck!”

I’m also still willing to have more guest bloggers do a post for this blog and to do some more guest blogging on others blogs. Let me know if you’re interested.

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I really need to start focusing more on this blog again. I’ve been trying to work hard on my writing, and my internet connection has been pretty iffy especially at night. But, I haven’t forgotten Writing Prompt Wednesday. :) So here we go and hopefully,I’ll have a regular post up tomorrow for everyone. I’ll try and update everyone with my writing progress and such.

  • It has become the perfect snow day.   You don’t have to go to work/school with ten feet of snow on the ground. Write a story about this day and what you do.  I’ll start the story out for you:  I just couldn’t believe what happened that day…..

Also, yesterday I posted the second to the last part of my serial story, The Painter. I hope everyone has been enjoying it so far. If you  haven’t read it yet, here is the link!

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Recently, I’ve been reading old favorites and it’s really helped fuel my writing again. I think no matter what is going on in your life, you need a reminder of why you wanted to be a writer in the first place.   When I was a little kid, I would be the one you’d see in the classroom either reading or writing before the school bell rang.  I would read anything I could get my hands on.  When I was in elementary, my favorite days were “library days”. We would sit and hear the librarian read us a story and after wards we all would make a mad rush to take out our favorite books for the week.

Lately, I guess I’ve found what genre I should be writing, and that’s young adult. People have always said that I have the writing voice suited for YA, but I was always uncomfortable settling with just one genre. I wanted to try it all, but now, after writing The Painter, and my current w.i.p (the title soon to be announced), I know that YA is my place in the literature world. I’m okay with that. :)

I guess I just look back at my kid self, full of joy at reading whatever I could get my hands and think that maybe, just maybe, a kid would get that same feeling from a book I have written. That maybe I could cause a teenager to really want to read something meaningful.  That would make it all worthwhile for me.

If you’re an aspiring writer, what genre do you see yourself attending to in your books? How do you feel about sticking with just that one genre?

Now, let’s switch gears and get on with our weekly Writing Prompt Wednesday! It’s my favorite day of the week haha. This one is inspired by the recently released movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One (which is absolutely amazing by the way…).

  • You’ve recently discovered that you’re now in a strange magical world where you have to learn new spells in order to survive. Write a story about your new magical adventures.  Do you become a powerful wizard or cast a spell to go back to a normal life without magic?


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Sometimes I think I need a sign on my door that says: “Do not disturb. Writing in progress.” I could tell people that I’m going to go work on my book, but I don’t think they really understand what that means. When I say I’m going to go work that means don’t interrupt.

I try not to be mean about it though.  Sometimes things come up and I have to let interruptions happen.  I have to let my muse walk away for a little bit while I go attend to other things. Am I happy about that? No, but that’s life. You have to roll with the punches in order to accomplish things.

My writing means a lot to me and I usually need my own space in order to create these worlds. I need some quiet “Me” time where I can think and let my mind wander.  That’s when that sign would come in handy. My family would know that I’m busy trying to use my creativity and to come back later. These books don’t write themselves, you know… :)

Do you feel the need to have “Me” time when you write? How do you manage to accomplish this? Is there a certain room you go to when you want to write?

Well, it’s that time again. It’s time for another Writing Prompt Wednesday!

  • Imagine that you have found a way to travel to another world that has never been traveled to before.  Describe that world and whatever (or whoever) you may encounter.  Do you stay there or do you try to find a way to get back home?



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