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Hello, my name is Melissa and I’m a procrastinator.

Yes, it’s that dreaded nightmare that holds people back from continuing their plans (or even getting started on something). I admit that I can be a really bad procrastinator. Back in school, if I could put something off, I would usually do it. I always liked to think I just got distracted really easily (which I do, trust me), but I can’t put all of the blame on that.  Sometimes, it’s not distractions that hold me back. It’s not having the drive to do it or putting it off to the side so I can “Finish it later.” We all know that never really happens.

Have I been procrastinating finishing my book? Yes. Have I been doing anything about that? No.

A part of it is definitely fear. Fear of what’s next after that last word is written. After the editing is completed and the book is ready to find a publishing home.  Self-publishing or not? If I do go self-pub, how am I going to do it? How in the hell am I going to afford it? Those questions race through my mind and makes the procrastination monster rear it’s ugly head.

Tomorrow, I’m making an effort to try and write more. It’s important to get this finished even when I don’t know what I’m doing afterwards. I have to worry about that after I’m finished. Not right now.

I also plan on blogging on here more. I’ve been so busy trying to make jewelry and hair accessories to put in my etsy shop so I can save up money to actually publish my book.  I’m still not seeing much success, but I guess it’s all about patience, right?  If you want to read all about my jewelry and hair accessory making, you should check out my new blog which talks all about that. 🙂  I also have one that I started on blogspot for all of you on that site to follow. I’m probably going to make the switch to that one soon.

I’ll leave you with this flower headband I just made that’s in my etsy shop.

Cute, yeah?

Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll be back to talk about my views on self-publishing vs. traditional publishing. Stay tuned!

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A most recent update of mine would tell you that I’m still working on the book (almost finished.. just procrastinating a bit lol) and I have started my own home based business. Yes, it is as scary as it sounds.  So, this post is really going to venture away from my writing for a bit and I’m going to talk about my other creative love: making jewelry and accessories.

With the economy the way it is, it’s hard to really find a decent paying job. I live in a rural area so it’s really difficult even with my college degree. It just wasn’t happening. So, I needed to be able to get some money in and be able to write at the same time (okay, not at the same exact time, but you get my point… I hope haha).

When I was growing up, my mom made beaded jewelry and sold it in a local shop. She actually did pretty well until she had to quit because her eyes were getting bad (cataracts).  I guess you could say I’m carrying on the tradition of making jewelry now. It’s something I’ve done for awhile just for myself and I find it fun.  I like to make things for people that they enjoy. It’s sort of like writing.  If I can make people happy with what I create, then I’m successful.

I started my online shop on etsy in December. To be honest, business has been pretty slow. Okay, very, very slow.  I guess I just don’t have the online presence/promotion yet. People haven’t found my shop and I want them to. So, I’m leaving you all with the link and a few photos of some of the stuff I have made. I think it’s all fun stuff.  I’ve made a lot of guitar pick jewelry and flower hair clips.  I get a lot of compliments on the hair clips.  Whatever money I do make off my store, I put aside so I can self-publish my book when it is finished, so it’s going to a good cause! 🙂

So I would love it if you checked out my store, Glittering Treasures, on etsy! Click this to go to it!  Also, if you could maybe spread the word and let others who you may think would be interested in my stuff, that would be nice, too. Oh, and I just made a facebook page for my store so go check that out, too and “like” it if you will! The  more who likes it, the more my store will get out there in the world.

Here are a few photos of what I have made:

Purple flower hair clip

Orange Flower Hair Clip

Green and silver glitter party guitar pick earrings

Robot Love Necklace

Purple and gray duo guitar pick earrings

And one more:

Orange and white flower headband

There’s a lot more in the shop, so please check it out and let me know what you think. I do make customs if I’m able to get the right colors and stuff, so contact me if there’s something you like and want in a different color. Again, whatever money I make out of this is helping me self-publish my novel! Thanks everyone!

My etsy store, Glittering Treasures!

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Happy Halloween!

It’s almost here. No, I’m not talking about NaNoWriMo this time (although it IS almost here… yikes!). This time, I’m talking about Halloween. It has to be my favorite holiday out of the year.  Even though I’m older, I still get excited dressing up as random characters/creatures. When I was a kid I had costumes like: Barbie (when I was four or so), ghosts, princesses (one year, I was Belle from Beauty and the Beast. My favorite Disney movie), generic rock stars, etc. Now that I’m older, there’s one specific thing that I like to dress up as. If you’ve been following me on Twitter or on this blog for awhile, you may be able to guess what that is. I’ll give you a moment to think.


Think you got it? If you guessed zombie, you’d be correct!

Hey, it's me as a zombie!

I really can’t explain my fascination with the whole zombie culture. I just really enjoy it whether it be books (please read World War Z by Max Brooks if you haven’t. You’ll thank me later.) or movies (Shaun of the Dead, please!). Halloween is the one time of the year where I can put on full zombie make up, walk around (or stumble as the zombie case may be) and not  be judged as “the weird zombie girl”. Although, I think most people do view me as that anyways, but who cares?

So, this Halloween, I hope everyone has a very spooky and fun time. Dress up however you want and show your personality. For all you NaNoWriMoers, relax a little because once that clock hits midnight, it’s time to get to work!

For all of you who signed up for my Spooktacular Halloween Short Story Blog Fest, don’t forget to post your story tomorrow on your blog and link over to this one! I’m excited to read everyone’s stories. I’m sure they will be very spooky!

If you haven’t signed up, but still want to write a story for it, you still can! There’s no word limit, so it can be a short or long story. That’s up to you. Just let me know by commenting here if you want to participate.

Also, be on the lookout for some new zombie photos of me this upcoming week.  I’m excited.

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Well, here I am again. I’m still dealing with some internet issues but at least I have it. Can’t complain too much….

I would love to be able to say that I’m completely finished with my book, but I can’t. Unfortunately, I’m still working on it. I am pretty darn close to the end though.  I just don’t want to rush through it just to finish it.  Some writers see that finish line ahead of them and start sprinting towards it. Personally, I like to keep up my steady pace instead of rushing through it.  If I keep up that pace, I should finish by next week. We’ll see. 🙂

Speaking of next week, a couple other events will be happening. On Monday, my Halloween short story blog fest will start. If you haven’t signed up, you still can. All you have to do is find a spooky photo and write a spooky short story based on the photo. Post it on your blog with a link coming back to this blog and you’re all set! The story can be as long or as short as you want it. No length requirements for this one.

Also, NaNoWriMo starts the day after my blog fest. I still have some researching and planning to do but I think I’m ready this year. I’m going to go in and try my hardest to make it to that 50,000 word count. I guess you can say that I’m feeling more confident about being able to write at least 2,000 words a day in order to “win”.

I hope everyone has had a productive week. 🙂 Now, I’m off to continue to plug away at this novel so I can hopefully have it most of the way finished before NaNo starts haha.

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Blog Hiatus

Due to the fact that I have to finish my book before NaNoWriMo starts in a couple of weeks and that I’m switching internet services, I am taking a two week blog hiatus.  I hope to be back in time for my Halloween short story blog fest on the 31st. I was hoping that my new internet would have been turned on by then, but hopefully by the 28th, it will be. I think it will be good for me to take a little break to completely focus on finishing/tweaking my current w.i.p before NaNo. Wish me luck. 🙂

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I’ve been writing stories since I was five years old. Ever since then, I knew I wanted to be a writer. Of course, when I was a kid, those stories were always pretty innocent. I wrote about family, animals, etc. One time, I even wrote a story about dinosaurs taking over my school and my friend, Monica, had to save the day.  When I got into high school, that’s when my stories became a bit more dark. I wrote about troubled teens and family issues.

Basically, my stories involved people. I liked to focus my stories on the inner struggles of people and society… maybe a part of society some may not understand.  They involved people struggling with addiction, mental illness, dark secrets they couldn’t tell anyone. I felt that where I needed to be in the literary world.

Until last year, when I realized I had another story to tell……. and it didn’t fit where I thought I was needed.

I had to write a story about zombies.

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile (or on twitter..) you already know about my love for the zombie culture.  I’m a huge fan of zombie flicks and novels. So, of course, when I thought of my current zombie apocalyptic novel, I had to stop what I was doing and start working on it.  And you know what? I think I really found my genre.

I never really thought I’d feel comfortable writing horror/paranormal literature. I loved to read it but I wasn’t sure I could write it. But, since working on my book, I feel like that’s my place. I feel more comfortable there amongst the creepy stuff and the zombies feasting on people (morbid? Probably..) . It’s almost like I was meant to be there.

Of course my book deals with the struggles of my main characters as they make choices and keep secrets. It’s not all about annihilating zombies. That’s just the fun part haha.

You should always write what you want to even if you think people you know maybe won’t like it. I live in a very conservative area who believe zombies are crap and they don’t want to read about it. They think I’m weird for what I want to write because it’s not what they like. Who cares? For every person who doesn’t want to read your book, there will be another one who does.

If you have a story that keeps invading your head, you should write it. Even if it’s out of what you think your genre is, write it. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone because you never know the story you could come up with.

I mean, look at me. I went from writing about my favorite pet when I was five years old to now writing about a zombie apocalypse. I bet my family didn’t see that one coming…. 🙂  I’m full of surprises.

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These past few weeks, I have made great progress with the current w.i.p. I think I average about 2000-4000 words a day (and I do try to write every day). It’s surprised a lot of people and they wonder how I do it. I’m not sure I know how to explain it, but I just write when I feel like it. I don’t force myself to write. If it happens, it happens.

But, sometimes when you least expect it….. you hit the wall. There could be various reasons for it: writer’s block, illness, other obligations that you try to get out of but can’t. I always tell people not to bother me when I’m writing unless they’re bleeding profusely or something (morbid probably..).  You try to avoid these things, but sometimes they show up anyways.

So, yesterday, it happened. I woke up feeling like crap. That’s right, those awful flu-like symptoms were starting to rear their ugly little heads which brought upon the wall.  It felt like brick.  There was no way I was going to get any writing done  yesterday and that sucked. But what can you do when you feel like hell ran over you several times with a huge truck? Nothing but gulp down as much Vitamin C as you can and get the rest that you need.

Today, I feel a little better. The wall isn’t as impenetrable as it was yesterday. I don’t think I’ll do much writing but I’ll probably plot out the sequel to this w.i.p. Hopefully, people like the first book enough to read the sequel but we’ll worry about that later…. way later. 🙂

So if you hit the wall, relax. Take a breather and it’ll get back to you.

I really should hire a personal masseuse though… that would be handy.

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