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First off, don’t forget to sign up for my Halloween short story blog fest in the previous post. It’ll be a lot of fun, I promise. 🙂 And spread the word!

For this writing prompt Wednesday, we are continuing our “spookified” writing prompt Wednesdays for this month. As always, if you have a writing prompt you want to share here, please e-mail them to me at thestoryinme (at) gmail (dot) com. Please include with the prompt your name and blog address so I can give you credit!

Here we go with this week’s writing prompt!

Think of the perfect horror movie villain. Make him/her/it the most unique that you can. Write down all of the details of what it looks like, sounds like, feels like, and even smells like. Where does it reside? What does it do? Be as descriptive as possible and if you can, draw your character.


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For this blog fest, I’m sitting down to interview the two main characters of the zombie apocalyptic book I’m working on (currently untitled)….

Dallas: She better find a title soon….

Thanks, Dallas. Let me introduce to you, Joshua and Dallas. Welcome guys. Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with me today.

Joshua: It’s not like I had much of a choice.
Dallas: Just ignore him. He’s just cranky that he’s not out shooting zombies in the face right now. If he’s not shooting something, he’s Mr. Cranky Pants.

Me: I’ve figured that out.  Let’s get this started.  Why don’t you guys introduce yourselves to the readers out there?

Dallas: I’ll start! My name is Dallas and I’m pretty awesome. I’ve been called a southern girl with a New York attitude. We’ll just leave it at that.
Joshua: I’m Joshua Miller. I’m just a farmer in Eastern Kansas who has  had to fight zombies invading my farm every day.
Dallas: He likes to put up this Mr. Mysterious character when he doesn’t have his cranky pants on.

Me: Great. So why do you think Joshua puts up that kind of front, Dallas?

Dallas: Because he doesn’t want people to see who he is.

Me: You’ve stayed with him for awhile now? Who is he?

Dallas: He’s a good guy with a sensitive side. That and he’s a zombie killing superhero. Minus the spandex.  Thank goodness. Nobody wants to see that.

Me: Joshua, why don’t you describe Dallas?

Joshua: Besides being an annoying brat that I seem to have to watch over, she’s not bad. She’s fiercely loyal and I appreciate that about her.
Dallas: You’re too kind, Mr. Miller.

Me: You’ve been fighting this zombie apocalypse for a year now.  How do you think it started?

Joshua: Some scientist experimented with the wrong crap and it exploded in their face.
Dallas: Maybe literally, we don’t know. Maybe the dude is wandering around as a zombie right now. That’d be weird.
Joshua: I’d shoot him in the head
Dallas: You’d shoot any zombie in the head though.
Me: How are you two surviving the apocalypse? What’s the secret?

Dallas: I don’t think there’s a secret. You just have to use your head.
Joshua: You need to use some common sense. Don’t use electricity if you don’t have to because that attracts the zombies. Always listen inside a room for movement before you go inside. Check your surroundings at all times and make sure you have an exit clear. Also carry a weapon.
Dallas: He carries like three of them.

Me:  What’s your favorite method of killing a zombie?

Dallas: I’ve become a fan of the crowbar. It’s helped me out a lot. But it’s not for everyone. You have to get up close to one and that’s scary. I’m also a fan of the pistol.
Joshua:  I love my machete and my bow and arrows. I make my own arrows so I never run out.

Me: That’s pretty handy. What have you learned since the zombies have invaded?

Dallas: Always keep your guard up, but don’t take anything for granted either.  Protect the ones you love.
Joshua: Mmhmm.
Dallas: And don’t be afraid to shoot those flesh eating bastards in the head! Nobody wants to be some gross thing’s dinner. I’m not meant to be a steak dinner, you know. I’m too pretty for that.
Joshua: Here we go again.

Me:  Have you encountered anyone you know as a zombie?

Dallas: Nope. I got out of my city so I don’t know anyone here in the middle of nowhere Ville, Kansas.
Joshua: Yeah, I’ve seen a few. The mechanic in town, one of my children’s former kindergarten teacher.

Me: If you could give out one tip to killing zombies, what would it be?
Dallas: Aim for the head. That simple.
Joshua: Never hesitate. Hesitation leads to disaster.
Dallas: And your face being eaten off.  What? I saw it happen the other day! Poor guy hesitated with the baseball bat and bam! He was zombie food.

Me: Dallas, you’ve experienced this apocalypse in both urban and rural settings. Which is better?
Dallas: Oh man, they both have their pros and cons, I guess. There are more zombies clustered together in cities because they are more populated, but here in the rural setting, they’re more spread out but sometimes they’re so spread out, you don’t see them coming. So it depends.
Me: I know you guys have more zombies to take care of so just one last question. If you had to choose between fighting off zombie hordes or some vampires, what would it be?

Joshua: Why is that even a question?

Me: Just answer it.

Joshua: Zombies. I’m sure they are more fun to kill.
Dallas: Well, are we talking about the cool Dracula vampires or those awful sparkly emo vampires with the bad hair?
Joshua: Does it matter?
Dallas: Yeah!  I like the cool, mysterious Dracula/Lestat ones. I would make out Lestat in a heartbeat. Vampires don’t sparkle, dude.  Have you ever seen a zombie sparkle?
Joshua: Oh my God. Can I go now and shoot something before I end up strangling her?

Me: Yes you can. Thanks, guys, for stopping by.

Dallas: You’re welcome! And figure out a title for this book soon. I feel like I have no identity. It can be something cool like… Dallas and Joshua: Zombie Killers.
Joshua: That’s the dumbest title I’ve ever heard in my life.
Dallas: You’re such a negative Nancy.

Check out the participants interviews here:





Some may not blog as early as I do, so if they don’t have theirs up yet, keep checking back!

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Considering I have a lot to do today (no relaxing weekends for me, it seems haha), I’m just going to post a reminder about my blog fest that is coming up this Friday!  I have about 4 people who have signed up, but I want to give everyone else the opportunity to join in. Here are the details:

The blog fest is called “Interview With The Characters”.  Conduct an interview with one of the characters you have come up with. Ask them questions and then answer that question as that character.. however you think they would respond. You can make it as funny or as serious as you want. That part is up to you. It doesn’t have to be necessarily long either.  On Friday, September 16th, post that interview on your blog with a link coming back to mine. I will have a post with a list of participants so everyone can check out the interviews. Make sure to spread the word so others can get involved! The more, the merrier, right?  You can sign up by commenting on this post or by e-mailing me at thestoryinme@gmail.com.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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I haven’t done any of these in quite awhile, but I’m happy to announce that they are back! Hopefully, using some of these will help spark some creativity for you when you need it! If you have one that you would like to share here, please e-mail it to me with your name and blog address (so you can receive credit!) at thestoryinme@gmail.com.

  • Come up with a character sketch for a character that you feel you haven’t found in a book yet. Be as detailed as possible as you write down what he/she looks like, their name, age, occupation, hobbies, flaws, personality, family, single, married, dating, etc. Once you have done that, insert that character into a short scene involving an end of bash involving a mysterious stranger who slips something into your character’s pocket. What is it and what happens?

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Just a couple of reminders for you all. 🙂

Part four of my new serial story, Hello From Mexico, is now up. Feel free to check it out and leave a comment, letting me know what you think so far.  Click here to get to Serial Central to read it!

Also, my second blog fest, “Interview with the Character” is soon approaching. The due date is this Friday, and I look forward to reading all of the participants interviews! If you haven’t signed up and want to, then there is still time to do so. The interview doesn’t have to be too long. You can make it as long or as short as you want. It’s up to you.  Here are the guidelines for those who missed it.

  • The premise of this blog fest is to “interview” a character from a story you have written or are currently writing. You can ask him or her whatever kind of questions you want. The point is to get to know them better by getting inside their head.  If you’re feeling adventurous, you can do a joint interview and interview a couple of characters. Be creative with it.
  • There is no set length to this. Use your best judgment.
  • Post the interview on your blog on Friday, January 7th with a link to this blog (thestoryinme.wordpress.com). I will have a post with all of the participants blogs so readers here can go to your blog to check out what you have written.
  • If you want to participate but don’t want to put it on your blog, you can e-mail your interview to me at thestoryinme@gmail.com. I will post it along with my interview. All I ask is that you post a link on your blog directing to your interview so your readers can check it out.

That’s pretty much it. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask! I look forward to reading everyone’s interviews! 🙂

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I was inspired the other day. So inspired that I finally continued writing in the book I haven’t worked on in a couple of months. For those months, I found myself blocked.  I knew why I was blocked, but it was a personal issue that I just had to be patient about. I knew it would get better in time, but I just had to wait it out.

Luckily, the other day, it ended, and I was able to finish chapter thirteen. That chapter became the bane of my existence. It haunted and taunted me daily. I knew I would conquer it eventually. Sometimes these things just take time.

I’ve always been told that patience is an amazing quality to have, and I agree. I find it’s especially important for a writer to have. Otherwise, you’ll become completely frustrated when you run into a block and find yourself fighting with your own writing. These writers are the ones who sadly throw up their hands and give up. I say, don’t give up. Just take a deep breath and be patient. You’ll get it back. You have to make your story work. 🙂

Just a reminder, my second annual blog fest will be coming up on January 7th. The rules are pretty simple, but I’ll repeat them again just in case someone missed them or wants to sign up. There’s still time! 🙂

  • This blog fest is entitled “Interview With a Character Blog Fest”. Think about one of your most intriguing characters that you would like to get to know more and interview them. Make it as long or short as you want.
  • It’s due January 7th. On that day, post the interview on your blog with a link to my blog. I’ll also have a post with all of the participants and links to their interviews.
  • If you would prefer for me to post it on my blog, just let me know by e-mail: thestoryinme@gmail.com and I’ll be glad to do so for you.
  • If you still want to sign up, please e-mail me at the e-mail listed above or comment here with a  link to your blog. 🙂
  • I look forward to reading all of the interviews!

Now, it’s time for yet another Writing Prompt Wednesday: Christmas Edition!

  • You find yourself decorating your christmas tree with your family. One of the oldest Christmas decorations falls and shatters on the floor. Your grandmother picks up the pieces and starts to tell you the story of the decoration. Write up that story.

Also, a quick reminder. Part two of my newest serial story, Hello From Mexico, is now up at Serial Central. 🙂 Check it out and let me know what you think.  Click here to get to the story.

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To start this off, I’m going to announce the subject of my next blog fest! This time around I think we’re going to deal more with the character side of stories rather than just the story itself.   So, I’m very excited to announce “Interview With The Character” Blog Fest! All you have to do is either take a character you either love or hate from a story you’ve written (or a character you just created!) and conduct an interview with that character. It’s a great way to get really creative and get inside your character’s mind.  The tentative deadline for this blog fest is January 7th, so you have a few weeks to get started. Also, please feel free to spread the word to those you feel would also be interested in participating in this. The more, the merrier!

If you’re interested in participating, please let me know by either commenting here or e-mailing me at thestoryinme@gmail.com. Make sure to leave your blog’s link so I can link your blog on the blog fest day. Let’s make this one really fun.

Alright, let’s get on with Writing Prompt Wednesday!

  • Write a short story based on this line: “I just couldn’t believe my luck!”

I’m also still willing to have more guest bloggers do a post for this blog and to do some more guest blogging on others blogs. Let me know if you’re interested.

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