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So far the vampire vs. zombie debate is 4-2 in favor of vampires. But don’t count out my favorite brain eaters just yet. The debate will end on Friday so you still have time to cast your vote!

Of course, I’m in favor of zombies, but I’ve been writing zombie stories for awhile now.  It’s just something that I’ve always been into and wanted to be apart of.  Hopefully once you read my zombie novel, maybe you vampire fanatics will change your mind just a little bit about zombie lit. 🙂

So in honor of our little Undead Showdown we have going on this week, I thought I’d take a moment for today’s post and share some pictures of me as a zombie during Halloween last year. I wanted to put my own spin on how I wanted to look like. Enjoy!

Me and my friend Sosha as zombies.


Another photo of zombie me!


See... sometimes zombies can smile....

Okay, now go vote in our Undead Showdown if you haven’t already!


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Alright, folks. Here we are. It is Patricia Lynne’s first stop on her blog tour, promoting the upcoming release of her book, “Being Human”.  Her book will be available on kindle  and smashwords on the 30th. You can follow Patricia on her own blog: http://plbjourney.blogspot.com. Make sure you stop by and see where else she will be this week on her blog tour and find out how you can sign up for her giveaway! You can also follow her on these social networking sites:  twitter: @ patricialynne07, facebook: http://www.facebook.com/patricialynne07, and find her book on goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/12010541-being-human.    

And for all those wondering, I’m still working on my zombie apocalyptic novel, but once it’s ready to go, I’ll let you know! 🙂

So ring the bell and let the Undead Showdown begin!

Patricia: Vampire and zombies, I enjoy both, but out of the two, vampires always get me right in the heart. I just love them. Love the fangs, the blood drinking, the aversion to sunlight. They are the best. Of course, not everyone thinks that. Looks at Melissa. Although I really can’t imagine why.

First off, vampires have fangs. With zombies, if you’re lucky they have any teeth. Secondly, vampires can heal. They get an arm nearly hacked off and they just shrug it off. Why worry when in a few seconds the wound is healed without a scar? Zombies get injured and they tend to be stuck with the injury. No healing. Any injuries they get when they die and become undead remain. Third, vampires can move faster and better than zombies. Zombies just shuffle around, all stiff and awkward. Yeah, let’s see a zombie sweep me off my feet the way a vampire could. Lastly, vampires can think about more than their food. Zombies it’s all brains, brains, brains. At least with vampires you have a little more… Like sex. 😉 Kidding! Although there are a few vampire stories that just seem to focus on sex and blood. I think they are called romances. Kidding again!

I think it’s pretty obvious that vampires pwn zombies all the way to the grave. Anyone agree? This is the undead showdown! Cast your vote!

Melissa:  Ah, zombies. We all know them as mindless slow undead people who feast on the living’s flesh.  So, of course, in this debate, it appears I have my work cut out for me.  In today’s culture, vampires are romanticized in movies and books while zombies are seen as these disgusting, smelly monsters nobody wants to be around. And that is why I feel zombies are so much cooler.
Nowadays, when I think of a vampire, I see some sparkly (yeah.. I mean, really Twilight? Sparkling vampires? Come on…) romantic creatures who are so dainty and whimsical. When you think of zombies, you think of bloody flesh being torn apart by these mindless creatures who are out for only one thing: To eat you. They don’t want to woo you. They aren’t out to deceive you. They just want to eat your brains (or whatever body part they can really get their zombie hands on).
Okay, yeah, they’re not smart or cunning like vampires are. I get that. They’re pretty much the dumbest creature out there, but that is what makes them awesome. What some books or movies don’t put out is that zombies do possess some memories. They just don’t feel the nostalgia behind them or pine away for the past like vampires do. You see it all the time in vampire books. There are chapters dedicated to flashback sequences where they were human and then lost everything and everyone they loved because they were turned into this blood sucking monster.
Zombies don’t feel those things. Basically because they don’t really feel anything. They only have one mentality and that is to feed. You won’t find them being romanticized or trying to make some human fall in love with them.
They also have a shorter acclimation period compared to vampires. You’ve read long scenes where vampires have to go through this torturous acclimation to being a vampire. You don’t see that in zombie novels/movies.  It just happens. It’s quick and easy.
Zombies aren’t completely stupid. They do know who else is a zombie (think back to the scene in Zombieland when Bill Murray was portraying a zombie to fool other zombies. Of course it didn’t work in his favor but we’ll move on..). They hate other humans and want to kill them. That’s just in their nature. Vampires, on the other hand, have a strong desire to fool humans about their existence. They want to be better than them.  They even let the humans live just so they had people beneath them.  In my opinion, they aren’t the bloodthirsty monsters like zombies are.
There’s more gore involved with zombies. When you think about a zombie movie, you can just imagine the blood and guts you would see when a zombie is feeding. Limbs are being torn apart and blood covers everywhere. It’s scary but awesome.  There are also more creative ways to kill a zombie (see Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead for detailed examples).  A nice quick shot to the head with a shotgun would do the trick but I mean, come on….  Who wouldn’t want to use a chainsaw to annihilate a zombie’s head?  Power tools > a stupid wooden stake to the heart. Any day.
So, in short, I realize that zombies aren’t smart like vampires or as “romantic.” But they are pretty awesome. They have an amazing gore factor and have just one desire. To kill people and feed. A zombie apocalypse could really happen. It’s not that “fictionalized”. And it could spread like wildfire. That fact alone is chilling enough.
Oh, and also,  zombies are the stars in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video.  Dancing zombies… a Michael Jackson dancing zombie. You can’t get any cooler than that.

So cast your vote on who you think would win the Undead Showdown. Are you a fan of the fangs or a fan of the flesh eating living undead?

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