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Whenever I talk to someone new and they find out I’m a writer, they always ask the same thing:

“Oh? What are you working on right now?”

You wouldn’t think it’d be such a hard question to answer, but it kind of is for me.  I tend to really think about how I want to describe what I’m working on. I don’t want to make it sound simple and general, but I also don’t want to go on and on about it either.  It’s nice when people become interested in my writing and want to know more about it.  That’s great.  Of course my writing  isn’t for everyone, just like not everyone likes Stephen King, Anne Rice, or JK Rowling. They have their own fan base, but not everyone belongs to it.

I do my best to give each person a brief synopsis of my writing without giving it all away. My stories do mainly deal with the inner struggles of different types of people and how that either helps define them or causes them to fall.  When people hear that, I usually get one response: “That sounds pretty deep. Just make sure it’s entertaining.”  It’s almost like I would intentionally write a boring deep book just so I could annoy the people who hate to read that stuff.   I would never publish a book that I wouldn’t want to read myself.

I suppose it is a bit difficult to explain myself as a writer. It’s sort of a “Take it or leave it” thing.  My stories tend to take a life of their own and turn into something that I didn’t even expect. That’s why it’s difficult to explain them to someone I don’t know all that well.  I let the story take flight and guide itself to the ending. What I envision at the beginning of the process may not exactly be what it ends up to be at the end. That’s the beauty of writing. It contains its own power and meaning. I don’t want to tell people what these stories are supposed to mean. I want them to read these stories and gather their own conclusion. Read them and tell me what you feel it means to you. That is why I want to be a writer. Literature can mean so many different things.

That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy talking about my stories. I do. I can talk about them all day. The plot, the characters, the setting. But, it’s what it means to me and you should draw your own conclusion. I look forward to the day when my first novel gets published and I can hear what you all think about it. I want to hear what it means to you. Not to me. 🙂


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