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Since this month is October, every Wednesday there will a be a “spooky” writing prompt for you all to enjoy.  If you have one that you want to share here, please e-mail it to me at thestoryinme@gmail.com with your prompt, name, and blog  link included.

  • You find yourself stuck in a dark mansion. There seems to be no one in the house as you search the area.  When you try to open the doors, you find that it’s locked. As you continue to push the door open, you hear a loud bang come from the second floor. Describe what happens.



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It’s that time of the week where I post a prompt for everyone to use in case they hit one of those dreaded blocks or maybe just need some creative inspiration.

  • Write a short story based on this: A friend sets you up on a blind date. You go to the bar to meet your date, nervous as to who you will find sitting there.  Write your story based on what happens and who your date is. Was it a success or a horrible failure?

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Alas, Guest-blogging. This is my first ever guest-blog post so I am pretty excited but also, have the fear that I might screw it all up. So, to prevent myself from thinking so much, I shall just go about this post with the same amount of normalcy I put into those of my own blog. Or so I shall try…

I am basically a digital painter and a story-writer; or rather that is what I aspire to be. You see, I am still a student; and for a mind which has just made an exit from his teens and is living in one of the most populated cities in the world, sources for inspiration are plenty. Or rather, there is an excess. The great city of Mumbai stimulates my creativity and helps me to put down whatever is visually present, and whatever is not.

So let me guess, the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name ‘Mumbai’ is Danny Boyle’s Oscar winning movie, ‘Slumdog Millionaire.’ Pfft. A rather sorry image has been created of us Mumbaikaars, I would say. Mumbai is said to be the equivalent of New York; in Indian standards that is. With almost 12.5 million people residing in this city, you can’t help but feel like a speckle in the heap of sand; you can’t help but realize how insignificant your existence is in a crowd of infinity; you can’t help but think, ‘Am I simply just another guy?’ This city chooses what to make of you; whether to let you fly through those clouds or chain you to the underground. It decides the start and the end, irrespective of how you have led yourself through the journey. It’s harsh, even in its kindness.  And through all of this, you might think, ‘How exactly do you find inspiration from all this?’

But, ladies and gentlemen, think a little deeper and you will find the answer. It’s the rush, it’s the fire, it’s the zeal, it’s the goal, it’s the will. Every single person out there is not just going about their daily lives, even though it might seem so. No. They are out to make a name for themselves; they are out there sweating blood to be, not just anybody, but somebody. And I run with the same motive. It is all about the determination and my efforts depict the spirit that this city has imbued me with; it depicts the hardships this city has strengthened me with; it depicts the unparallel joy this city can give; it depicts what this city has made me and it portrays the backing hand which says, ‘Don’t give up no matter how weak you might think you are. Don’t give up.’

You can check out Vivek’s blog here: http://paganflow.wordpress.com

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I’ve been thinking a lot about inspiration and the whole process surrounding it. I feel pretty lucky because I can get inspiration from the littlest thing. It could be a conversation I had with someone, something I saw in a movie, or a song that I just heard. The tiniest spark can ignite the inspiration to explode in my head.

I know for some people it takes more for them to gain that kind of inspiration. They have to really think about what they want to accomplish and how they are going to do that.  But, once they get an idea, it takes over them completely. That’s what is so special about inspiration.

For me, it’s more about what I feel passionate about. That’s how inspiration strikes for me. I write about what I feel is important to discuss. My stories always have an inner meaning to them to learn from. I want people to be inspired from my own inspiration.  You can’t really teach someone how to gain inspiration. You just have to gather it from life around you.  Life should be the greatest inspiration. Take a walk outside and see what is out there. Talk to people you may haven’t encountered yet and get to know their stories. Maybe there will be some inspiration waiting for you.

I get most of my inspiration from music.  There’s something special about listening to a certain song and paying attention to a part of the lyric. That music drives me to write. It puts the creativity to work for me.  You have to find what works for you, no matter what it is.

What inspires you? What is the one thing that drives you to really want to sit down and write?

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“Don’t ask what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
-Howard Thurman

If I ever feel the need for some motivation, now I know the quote that can help do just that.  Sometimes all you need is just a little push into the right direction and some moral support.

I think that quote really resonates with everything I’m trying to do.  I’m not trying to change the world with my writing.  I’m just trying to show a different side of life that others may not experience. I’m trying to show others empathy and love. Friendship and close bonds that can save you.

But, in order to do that, I have to get rid of all the fear that may be holding me back. I have to go out there and do it to show the world what I’m capable of. In order to inspire others to accomplish their dreams, I have to do it myself. Writing makes me come alive.  I think it’s what helps define me as a person.

I have a lot of writing to do this weekend and while this task seems a bit daunting, I am excited to really get into writing again.   The writing never seems to end, but I’m okay with that. 🙂  I have a lot of stories and characters to share.

In other news, I am happy to announce that next weekend will be another poetry weekend here! 🙂 So, if you’re feeling comfortable, I would love if you all joined in! Either post your poetry on your blog or submit it to me via e-mail (thestoryinme@gmail.com) and I will post it on here for you. If you post it on your blog, let me know and I’ll link to your blog next Sunday (the 12th) so others can stop by to read whatever you have come up with.  It doesn’t matter what kind of poetry you want to write. You can write a haiku, free verse, a rhyme. It doesn’t matter.  So, I hope to see you all participate!

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Someone asked me awhile ago why I wanted to be a writer. They asked me what I wanted to get out of it. Do I get this question a lot? Yes.  I get it all the time. It’s been awhile since I’ve graduated college and really took this writing seriously. People still can’t understand why I want to do it.

I really try to take it all in stride. People around here don’t just become writers. They do other things like farming, nursing, teaching, etc. Writers just don’t come out of this rural county. I don’t like to fit in the mold anyways. I like to do my own thing.

So, this is how I answered that question:

I want to be a writer because I feel like it’s what I am meant to do. I feel we all have a certain purpose in this world and we should do what makes us happy. Writing makes me happy. It’s my therapy.  I’ve said this before but if I can inspire just one person out there in this world then I have succeeded. If I can help just one person then that will bring more joy to me than anything else.

I guess people around here think I’m in it just to become some popular author. If that happens, great, but that’s not my goal. My goal is to inspire people to read, to get wrapped up in a world they may not be familiar with. I want them to meet my characters and feel for them. I want them to become friends.

My stories are only going to strengthen and take on a life of their own. I already have an idea for another book. When that idea hit me, I immediately dropped what I was doing and started writing down notes. I had a full-page by the time I was finished. I have all these ideas running around in my head, it would be a shame not to share them with everyone. 🙂

So, that’s why I want to be a writer. When you have a passion for something, you should always go for it. Stop caring what other people are going to think. You can’t go anywhere if you don’t try.

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I posted this on twitter today:

Sometimes I feel really good about my writing and then I have days where I’m not so sure.

You have to love it when self-doubt creeps its evil way back into your life.  I could write a scene for a story and feel great about it for a while. Then, I’ll go back and think “Well.. the dialogue just doesn’t sound right.” Or, “Maybe this part just doesn’t fit.”

It is a part of every writer’s life to have self-doubt rear its ugly head when you’re writing. It’s a part of the process.  I guess it keeps me on my toes.

The wonderful thing about feeling that doubt is I can usually get inspiration again quickly. Well, most of the time. All I have to do is listen to a certain song and I’m good to go.  I make music play lists for each story I write and the music always drives me to continue on. Today, I wasn’t even trying to write and a song came on. Almost instantly, my book characters came into my mind with a nice, new plot twist. I love when that happens. Of course, I get the writing notebook out and start scribbling away.

I guess music can drive away that doubt and put the inspiration back in.  I love listening to a song and thinking, “Yeah, I can see Ben listening to this in his backyard.” or maybe, “Jude would definitely cover this song at one of his band’s shows.”

I understand that we all doubt ourselves. That’s just life.  Sometimes my confidence in my writing abilities is there, and sometimes it isn’t. Also, that’s life. I’ve learned to accept that.

That doesn’t mean it still doesn’t suck when you feel it though haha.

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