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Hello, my name is Melissa and I’m a procrastinator.

Yes, it’s that dreaded nightmare that holds people back from continuing their plans (or even getting started on something). I admit that I can be a really bad procrastinator. Back in school, if I could put something off, I would usually do it. I always liked to think I just got distracted really easily (which I do, trust me), but I can’t put all of the blame on that.  Sometimes, it’s not distractions that hold me back. It’s not having the drive to do it or putting it off to the side so I can “Finish it later.” We all know that never really happens.

Have I been procrastinating finishing my book? Yes. Have I been doing anything about that? No.

A part of it is definitely fear. Fear of what’s next after that last word is written. After the editing is completed and the book is ready to find a publishing home.  Self-publishing or not? If I do go self-pub, how am I going to do it? How in the hell am I going to afford it? Those questions race through my mind and makes the procrastination monster rear it’s ugly head.

Tomorrow, I’m making an effort to try and write more. It’s important to get this finished even when I don’t know what I’m doing afterwards. I have to worry about that after I’m finished. Not right now.

I also plan on blogging on here more. I’ve been so busy trying to make jewelry and hair accessories to put in my etsy shop so I can save up money to actually publish my book.  I’m still not seeing much success, but I guess it’s all about patience, right?  If you want to read all about my jewelry and hair accessory making, you should check out my new blog which talks all about that. 🙂  I also have one that I started on blogspot for all of you on that site to follow. I’m probably going to make the switch to that one soon.

I’ll leave you with this flower headband I just made that’s in my etsy shop.

Cute, yeah?

Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll be back to talk about my views on self-publishing vs. traditional publishing. Stay tuned!


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I just wanted to write a quick reminder for everyone who has been keeping up with my latest serial story, Muhhhh: A Zombie Love Story. Usually I post the story every Tuesday during the early morning, so a lot of people can have the chance to read it on Tuesday. Last week, I had internet issues so I had to post it on the following Friday. This week, I may be a little late posting it as well. I’m pretty sure I can get it up on the blog by Tuesday night (central US time), but I’m not 100 percent certain at this moment. With everything else I have had going on, I haven’t had much time editing the next installment. I’m not about to post anything that isn’t carefully edited, so I hope you all are patient while I get it done. Tomorrow I have to go out of town for a few hours and once I get back home, I will make sure to get to work. 🙂

What have I learned over the past couple of days? You have to go with the flow sometimes. If you don’t, you are bound to go insane.  Nothing is going to work out perfectly whether you want it to or not.  Does it help that I’m somewhat of a procrastinator? Probably not haha.

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Oh, procrastination. It’s become sort of like a constant enemy in my life. It’s always creeping in the corner, waiting to spring out as soon as I get the urge to write.  It’s completely frustrating when all of a sudden, the creativity disappears and you’re off doing anything other than writing.

I’ll admit that I’m really, really good at procrastinating.  I haven’t met a person who didn’t ever procrastinate, so I’m not really alone. Instead of working on my book, I find myself watching television or listening to music.  Sometimes, I don’t even realize I’m doing it.  I’ll  just be sitting in front of my computer, playing mindless games of Plants Vs. Zombies or something.   Maybe it’s just complete avoidance of scenes to come. I’m putting off writing so I don’t get to that point just yet. Maybe it’s something inside me saying that I’m not ready to delve into that emotion at the moment.

Whatever it is, it’s still pretty frustrating. I’ve been talking about writer’s block for a few posts now, but this is kind of different from that. When you have a block, it’s like you can’t write. Nothing will come out. But, when procrastination hits,  you can write. The words are there, but distractions get in the way.

Of course, sometimes this can be a good thing. There are times when I need to step back and take a deep breath to clear my head. These past few weeks has been really trying for me personally, but I always know that my writing is there to keep me sane.  I always have that to keep me on my own two feet. Without it, I would probably be a mess right now.  That’s why I put up with procrastination when it hits. I know that I’ll be writing again soon.

I wouldn’t feel too bad if procrastination packed its bags and headed south for the upcoming winter though… that would give me enough time to finish the book. 🙂

How do you deal with procrastination? Do you view it positively or negatively? Maybe you’re sort of neutral like I am? Let me know in the comments section.

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