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It seems that time has went by so fast! Tomorrow will be my 100th post on this blog. I couldn’t be more excited. 🙂 So, expect a celebration tomorrow! I’ll bring the cupcakes haha.

For this post, I’ll be finishing up my short story, Blanket of Ghosts. I hope you have enjoyed what you have read so far and please feel free to comment and let me know what you think of the whole thing!

Conclusion of Blanket of Ghosts:

The next few weeks passed by with Ryan sending flowers and e-mails wanting to meet up again. Lia wrote him back once, telling him that as soon as she was free that she would meet up for dinner. She still felt disappointed in herself for not being able to let go of her inhibitions and fears.  The days got hotter and when Jordan invited her to swimming at a lake in their hometown of Holly Springs, Mississippi, Lia jumped at the chance for a distraction away from guys.  And it was hot. Miserably humid. As Jordan started to slather herself with sun block, Lia sat down on the dock, placing her feet in the cool water. She wiggled her toes in the water, thinking about work and booking new musicians. Anything was better than thinking about other things.
“So have you heard from Mr. Fire fighter yet?” Jordan asked.
Without even looking over at Jordan, Lia knew that she was smirking. “Yes. But I’ve been too busy to meet up with him.”
“Oh whatever. You’re not too busy to find time to date. You just don’t want to make time. It’s all because of you know who.” Jordan paused. “You know what? I think it’s about time we start saying his name.”
“Go ahead. I’m not stopping you.”
Jordan sighed. “That wasn’t the reaction I was going for, you know.”
“What reaction were you going for?”
The next moment, Jordan stood up and did her wide gestures. “I want you to get angry,” she said, pounding her fist into her other hand. “I want you to stand up and start screaming. Just something other than pretending like it doesn’t matter.”
The only sounds to be heard were the birds singing to each other. Lia sat there, staring out into the open water waving to the shore.  Suddenly, Lia stood up and walked over to the radio they had brought and flicked it on. Slow blues music played softly. Lia smiled sadly.
“This was his favorite song.”
Jordan looked over at her with confusion. Lia continued to smile. “It was his favorite song. Parker’s. He would listen to it every night before he would drop me off at home.  Before he would kiss me goodnight, he would sing this song to me.”
“What happened that night, Lia?” Jordan asked. “What happened on graduation night?”
Lia walked back to the dock and sat down, placing her feet in the water again. “He took me to this lake and we sat on the hood of his car. He played some songs he had written on his guitar and started telling me his dreams. And I knew at that moment. I knew what was going to come.”
Jordan sat down beside Lia and looked out at the water with her. “What did you know?”
“I knew,” Lia said, slowly. “That Parker Bishop, my high school sweetheart, the love of my life, was going to leave me. At that moment, I knew he wasn’t going to stick around.  When I began to realize that, it began to rain. We had to go home and the next day, he was gone.”
Silence filled the air, drowning out the bird’s song. Lia felt a chill in the air and shivered. “I can’t blame him for having dreams. We all have them. But I can blame him for leaving me with these ghosts that have suffocated me like a tight blanket I couldn’t shake off. He left me with all these doubts.”
At that moment, her beloved Parker started singing his new hit song on the radio. Lia turned her head and saw herself at 18, sitting on the hood of Parker’s beat up Mustang, listening to Parker sing that same song.  She looked away as that image disappeared and looked back at the water.
“But I realize now that he’s not coming back. We’re different people now and I need to let go. I’m going to call Ryan right now and ask him to dinner tomorrow night.”
Jordan handed Lia her cell phone. “You call him right now so I can make sure you don’t back out.”
Lia bent her head back and laughed harder than she had in a long time. “All right. I will.” She took the phone and then added, “I think I’m also going to do a little performance at my club one night. It’s about time I got back into performing myself.“
As Lia began to dial, the wind started to blow, bringing a smile on her face.
“What are you smiling about?” Jordan asked.
Lia put the phone to her ear and waited for Ryan to pick up. As she waited, she simply told Jordan, “It’s going to rain.”
As soon as she said that, tiny rain drops fell from the sky. Jordan began to squeal, jumped up, and raced for the car. Lia merely put her head back and felt the rain on her face, feeling more content than she ever had been.


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