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Last night, I was talking to someone about my book and they asked me: “So what kind of of non-conventional weapons do your characters use to kill zombies in the book?” I have to admit I wasn’t really expecting that question. Nobody has asked me what kind of weapons are used in the book.

I told him that I was still planning that out for the huge battle that is at the end of the book, but it left me thinking. Maybe I’m not using enough non-conventional weapons throughout the book. It also helped inspire other scenes where other characters could use those non-conventional weapons since they aren’t the type to carry around a crowbar or a sawed off shotgun.

So, I decided to see what you guys thought. What kind of non-conventional weapon would you use in case of a zombie attack and you didn’t have a ‘conventional’ one around? Get as creative as you want and maybe I’ll use your idea in the book. 🙂 I already have a nice list started but I figured most of you are the creative type, so I want to hear your ideas!


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