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First off, I’d like to apologize for my absence these past couple of weeks. After NaNoWriMo started last Tuesday, I’ve been so focused on getting a good lead that at the end of the day, I couldn’t even imagine writing blog posts haha.  So how am I doing so far with my word count? Well, for those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter (but why aren’t you? Hmm?), here’s my progress report:

As of November 12th, I have written over 50,026 words. Yes, that’s right. I’m already finished with NaNoWriMo.  If you remember my failed attempt at doing this last year, you’ll realize how much of an accomplishment that is to me. To finish this major writing even in a little over a week and a half is mind-blowing to me.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about how I managed to complete NaNo so quickly this year, but for today, I just wanted to say hi and let you all know that I did it. I showed the ones who doubted me that they were wrong about me and for those who did believe in me, well, I did it. 🙂  Before I did NaNo this year, I’m not sure if I would have suggested any other writer to do it, but now I think everyone should experience it.  I learned a lot about who I am as a writer and that it is possible to write 50,000 words so soon. It is possible to get that far with enough determination and support.

For my NaNoWriMo buddies (you know who you are), I’d just like to thank you all for the awesome support and encouragement that you have given me. There were times when I would hit a small wall and want to give up because it seemed like such a huge task, but you never let me. You all picked me up and told me to keep going. I’m not sure I would have done this without all of the support I have received. So thank you for that. For those who are still working on getting to that 50k finish line, just know that I’ll be there cheering you on! You can do it.

It is awfully nice at the finish line.  Very comfy and relaxing haha. Although I wish there some cookies or something….

If you’re still working on NaNoWriMo, comment below with how you’re doing.  If you need any encouragement, well, I’m  here haha.

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It’s not easy being a writer. People think it’s a great job because they have the picture of  super successful writers like Stephen King or JK Rowling in their heads.  What they don’t know is that not every writer gets into that position. Sometimes it’s a struggle to get the words out on the page. We’re faced with deadlines and writer’s block.

And loneliness.

Writing is a very lonely profession.  It’s not like you’re working in a crowded office with a lot of co-workers.  There’s no set team for you to play on. It’s just you in a room with a story in front of you waiting to be written. You tend to shut yourself in there just so you can meet those deadlines and finally get the book you have been creating out there for people to read. It’s a long process that can take a lot out of you.  You have to be completely dedicated to your story in order to make it to the end result.

If you’re a writer, you understand that feeling of loneliness, but you also know that nowadays, there are ways to connect with other writers.  There are blogs like this one (check out my blog roll for some if you’re interested), writer’s groups and communities. You name it, they are out there.  Look on the internet for some that may be in your area or join an online one.  Fellow writers know what you ‘re going through. We all want to encourage the other to cross that finish line. Sure, you will have to sit in your writing space, tapping on the keyboard of your computer by yourself, but you can reach out for advice or encouragement. It isn’t like it used to be now with the internet and blogs.  It’s now possible to gather a great team ready to be supportive when you need it.

So, maybe that road isn’t so lonely anymore.

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My character interview series for my first book (the title will be announced soon, by the way) continues tonight as we explore the character of Delilah Carmichael. Delilah is a very major character in this book, so this interview is pretty important.

Me:  I just want to thank you for taking the time to do this interview for us today, Delilah.
DC: It’s no problem. You kind of had to come to me, but I’m happy I’m allowed to do this.
Me:  So, how have things been for you lately?
DC: It’s been a struggle, I’ll be honest. But, I’m really learning a lot about myself since the book.
Me: What have you learned?
DC: That I’m stronger than I think I am. I used to dwell on the past too much and kept it all inside. After being pushed away so many times, I started to never release anything until it exploded. Now, I’m more vocal about my problems. I have a support group that cares about me.
Me: Who is your main supporter?
DC: That would be Ben.  He is a really great person who is so kind and generous. I wish there were more guys out there like him.   I wouldn’t have made it through in one piece if it wasn’t for Ben.
Me: If you had to choose one quality you like about yourself, what would it be?
DC: I get asked this all the time by Mat and I never know what to say. Um, I guess it would be how patient I am with people. Trust me, if you had to hang out with someone like Jude, you would have to be really patient, too.
Me:  Everyone here has met him, so I’m sure they would agree.  What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?
DC: I would love to travel across the country and do some speaking engagements about my struggles. Hopefully, that would inspire young people to not follow the same path I did. I want them to know they aren’t alone like I thought I was. There are people out there who understand and are willing to help. You just have to let them.
Me:  What do you do to relax?
DC: I write in my journal. I write about everything that is going on, what I’m thinking about. It’s really no holds barred writing for me.
Me: Hopefully, nobody gets a hold of that then.
DC: Ha, yeah. That wouldn’t be good at all.
Me: How has the family reacted to how things have turned out for you?
DC: It’s taken them awhile to really accept everything, but they’re getting better. I think they’ll come around eventually. Sometimes, it just takes some time for acceptance. I’m patient enough to wait for that to happen.
Me: Thank you for taking the time to be here today. I know you have a meeting to go to.
DC: Yeah, unfortunately. It’s been nice being here and I hope people got a better perspective on who I am.

That was Delilah!  Soon, you will be meeting one of the most important characters of the book, Ben. 🙂 That should be quite an interview so please stay tuned for that. Have a great weekend everyone!

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