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Hello, my name is Melissa and I’m a procrastinator.

Yes, it’s that dreaded nightmare that holds people back from continuing their plans (or even getting started on something). I admit that I can be a really bad procrastinator. Back in school, if I could put something off, I would usually do it. I always liked to think I just got distracted really easily (which I do, trust me), but I can’t put all of the blame on that.  Sometimes, it’s not distractions that hold me back. It’s not having the drive to do it or putting it off to the side so I can “Finish it later.” We all know that never really happens.

Have I been procrastinating finishing my book? Yes. Have I been doing anything about that? No.

A part of it is definitely fear. Fear of what’s next after that last word is written. After the editing is completed and the book is ready to find a publishing home.  Self-publishing or not? If I do go self-pub, how am I going to do it? How in the hell am I going to afford it? Those questions race through my mind and makes the procrastination monster rear it’s ugly head.

Tomorrow, I’m making an effort to try and write more. It’s important to get this finished even when I don’t know what I’m doing afterwards. I have to worry about that after I’m finished. Not right now.

I also plan on blogging on here more. I’ve been so busy trying to make jewelry and hair accessories to put in my etsy shop so I can save up money to actually publish my book.  I’m still not seeing much success, but I guess it’s all about patience, right?  If you want to read all about my jewelry and hair accessory making, you should check out my new blog which talks all about that. 🙂  I also have one that I started on blogspot for all of you on that site to follow. I’m probably going to make the switch to that one soon.

I’ll leave you with this flower headband I just made that’s in my etsy shop.

Cute, yeah?

Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll be back to talk about my views on self-publishing vs. traditional publishing. Stay tuned!

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I know I already posted today but there’s something that I wanted to mention real quick.  I’ve had quite a few guest bloggers in the past, so I’m opening my blog back up to anyone who wants to do a guest post on here. The rules are fairly simple:

  • Posts must be about either writing, writing advice, or maybe a book that inspired you. You are also allowed to do a book review if you wish.
  • If you have a book that just came out, you can blog about it here. I’ll allow that haha
  • Please keep your content PG (or PG 13).

Basically, you can talk about anything writing or literature related. This is a blog for writers so that’s how I like to keep things. It can be funny or serious. That’s up to you.  If you’re interested, please e-mail me at thestoryinme@gmail.com and we’ll set up a date!  Oh, and I’ll return the favor and write up a guest post for your blog if you want. I love doing guest posts. 🙂

Doing guest posts here is a great way to meet new bloggers and promote your own work and blog. I’m willing to work with anyone if scheduling is a conflict.

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I’ve been writing stories since I was five years old. Ever since then, I knew I wanted to be a writer. Of course, when I was a kid, those stories were always pretty innocent. I wrote about family, animals, etc. One time, I even wrote a story about dinosaurs taking over my school and my friend, Monica, had to save the day.  When I got into high school, that’s when my stories became a bit more dark. I wrote about troubled teens and family issues.

Basically, my stories involved people. I liked to focus my stories on the inner struggles of people and society… maybe a part of society some may not understand.  They involved people struggling with addiction, mental illness, dark secrets they couldn’t tell anyone. I felt that where I needed to be in the literary world.

Until last year, when I realized I had another story to tell……. and it didn’t fit where I thought I was needed.

I had to write a story about zombies.

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile (or on twitter..) you already know about my love for the zombie culture.  I’m a huge fan of zombie flicks and novels. So, of course, when I thought of my current zombie apocalyptic novel, I had to stop what I was doing and start working on it.  And you know what? I think I really found my genre.

I never really thought I’d feel comfortable writing horror/paranormal literature. I loved to read it but I wasn’t sure I could write it. But, since working on my book, I feel like that’s my place. I feel more comfortable there amongst the creepy stuff and the zombies feasting on people (morbid? Probably..) . It’s almost like I was meant to be there.

Of course my book deals with the struggles of my main characters as they make choices and keep secrets. It’s not all about annihilating zombies. That’s just the fun part haha.

You should always write what you want to even if you think people you know maybe won’t like it. I live in a very conservative area who believe zombies are crap and they don’t want to read about it. They think I’m weird for what I want to write because it’s not what they like. Who cares? For every person who doesn’t want to read your book, there will be another one who does.

If you have a story that keeps invading your head, you should write it. Even if it’s out of what you think your genre is, write it. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone because you never know the story you could come up with.

I mean, look at me. I went from writing about my favorite pet when I was five years old to now writing about a zombie apocalypse. I bet my family didn’t see that one coming…. 🙂  I’m full of surprises.

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I’ve talked about my issues with figuring out a title for my book a few weeks ago. I don’t know why I’ve struggled so much with finding a title since I’ve never had this issue before with the stuff I have written. I usually think of titles before I even start writing, but not this time. This time, I was stuck.

This book that I’m currently writing will be my first published book (once I figure out how I’m going to publish it…). To me, it’s like my first child.  I have to take care of it and make sure that I do my best to make sure that it’s successful once it’s published. That’s my job. So, yeah, there’s some pressure to make sure the title fits the book itself.  Why? Because people don’t only judge books by their covers but also by their titles.

I’ve been at bookstores and seen some pretty ridiculous titles for books. I’m not even sure where those authors came up with the titles in the first place. Some of them didn’t even fit what the story was about.  Am I guilty of judging books by titles? Absolutely. I’ll be honest with you. I think a title should fit the work itself. A serious novel deserves a serious title. A funny novel deserves a more funnier title. That’s just my opinion.

So, lately, I’ve been making a list of ideas for a title for my book. It’s about that time I stop calling it “the book” or “w.i.p”. It deserves a title… a name. An identity, perhaps.  I’ve crossed out a lot of ideas and tried to picture what would be appropriate.

I think I’ve figured it out.

So here it is…. the title for my zombie apocalyptic novel. Get ready. 🙂

It’s called (I’m kinda nervous, I’m not going to lie haha):

The Risen Dead

I don’t know why I kept going back to those three words. It just seems to fit. I thought about calling it Harvest of the Risen Dead since it is mostly set in rural Kansas but I don’t know. Harvest makes it sound like the characters are harvesting zombies or something haha.

So that’s the title. That’s it. I like it. It’s simple and I’m pretty sure people will realize I’m talking about zombies haha.  I hope. Since I’m planning on writing a sequel to this book, this title has already helped me figure out a title for that book, so I don’t have to stress out over that one… always a nice silver lining, right?


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I never realized book trailers were such a great idea until a few months ago. All I see on Twitter is people posting their trailers on youtube. Of course, I go to watch them because now I’m strangely fascinated by the whole thing.  Some are pretty fancy, some are pretty basic. But which one is better?

Personally, I’m more of simplistic.  I like stuff that doesn’t go too overboard with effects or graphics. They tell me what the book is about and if I have anything to look forward to. Short, simple, and to the point.  With too many effects, I get distracted and I don’t pay much attention to what you’re trying to sell me. Not that all “fancy” book trailers are bad. Far from it. I just don’t need all of the fireworks or whatever you’ve got going on to tell me what your book is about.

I haven’t done an official  book trailer yet. Only because I haven’t finished my book.  Of course I’ll probably go for a more simple trailer because that’s who I am. Yes, there will be more to it then “Hey, this book is about zombies. Please read it.” (I think I have seen a book trailer that went like that actually…) but don’t expect a lot of fancy effects or “fireworks”. I want it to reflect my book… dark, moody, mysterious.  Those are the feelings I want people to get.

I may stick in a few zombie photos of people if I can coerce enough people to dress up in zombie make up and send me some…. hmm… sounds like fun to me. Who’s on board? haha

If you have made a book trailer, what did you want the end product to look like? What kinds of feelings did you want the readers to take away from it?  If you’re like me and hasn’t made one yet, what do you envision it to look like?  Let me know in the comments section!

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These past few weeks, I have made great progress with the current w.i.p. I think I average about 2000-4000 words a day (and I do try to write every day). It’s surprised a lot of people and they wonder how I do it. I’m not sure I know how to explain it, but I just write when I feel like it. I don’t force myself to write. If it happens, it happens.

But, sometimes when you least expect it….. you hit the wall. There could be various reasons for it: writer’s block, illness, other obligations that you try to get out of but can’t. I always tell people not to bother me when I’m writing unless they’re bleeding profusely or something (morbid probably..).  You try to avoid these things, but sometimes they show up anyways.

So, yesterday, it happened. I woke up feeling like crap. That’s right, those awful flu-like symptoms were starting to rear their ugly little heads which brought upon the wall.  It felt like brick.  There was no way I was going to get any writing done  yesterday and that sucked. But what can you do when you feel like hell ran over you several times with a huge truck? Nothing but gulp down as much Vitamin C as you can and get the rest that you need.

Today, I feel a little better. The wall isn’t as impenetrable as it was yesterday. I don’t think I’ll do much writing but I’ll probably plot out the sequel to this w.i.p. Hopefully, people like the first book enough to read the sequel but we’ll worry about that later…. way later. 🙂

So if you hit the wall, relax. Take a breather and it’ll get back to you.

I really should hire a personal masseuse though… that would be handy.

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A year ago, I made a post about my love/hate feelings for writer’s reference books. That subject has been on my mind lately. I was straightening up some of my books and found a couple of those reference books which brought that certain post to mind.

Those kinds of books can be helpful, don’t get me wrong. I’ve read a couple that really got me through some of that dreaded writer’s block. One of them that I am quite fond of is Write: 10 Days To Overcome Writer’s Block. Period. by Karen E. Peterson. She’s a therapist so instead of Fight vs. Flight, she talks about Write Vs. Flight. Are we going to be in write mode today or are we going to be in “flight” mode and hide from those writing duties? It’s an interesting book and it really helps me get focused when I need it.

There have been some books that actually made me more paranoid of my own writing style than it helped. Those are the books that say you should write a certain way and make your dialogue this way, etc. Oh and make sure your characters are like this and not like that…blah, blah, blah. I don’t find those books helpful. Not at all. Personally, I think the beauty of writing is that we all shouldn’t sound the same way. How boring would that be to read a book that sounds almost exactly like another book by a different author? Yeah, my characters aren’t perfect (no character should be). Okay, maybe my dialogue or narrative isn’t like they say it is in the books, but I’m okay with that.

I appreciate that the writers of those reference books are trying to do. They’re trying to help aspiring writers to be better, but when some of those books say “you have to make sure it’s this way or your book will fail.” (okay, I may be paraphrasing just a bit there..), I tend to not finish that book. Let me write my book my way and I’ll get it published. You just wait.

So if you become discouraged by something you read in one of those books, well, don’t. You should write your book how you want to. It’s your story, not theirs. Be strong enough to be different. Don’t write a story to sound like another just because that one became popular. Take what you learn from those books and make it to better your writing and not change it completely.

Yes, one of my biggest pet peeves is someone telling me how my writing should sound. I know what my writer’s voice sounds like and I prefer to keep it that way. Otherwise, I’d be pulling out my hair… and I really do like my hair. Except for today. Today, it just looks a mess. Bad hair days ftw.

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