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I never realized book trailers were such a great idea until a few months ago. All I see on Twitter is people posting their trailers on youtube. Of course, I go to watch them because now I’m strangely fascinated by the whole thing.  Some are pretty fancy, some are pretty basic. But which one is better?

Personally, I’m more of simplistic.  I like stuff that doesn’t go too overboard with effects or graphics. They tell me what the book is about and if I have anything to look forward to. Short, simple, and to the point.  With too many effects, I get distracted and I don’t pay much attention to what you’re trying to sell me. Not that all “fancy” book trailers are bad. Far from it. I just don’t need all of the fireworks or whatever you’ve got going on to tell me what your book is about.

I haven’t done an official  book trailer yet. Only because I haven’t finished my book.  Of course I’ll probably go for a more simple trailer because that’s who I am. Yes, there will be more to it then “Hey, this book is about zombies. Please read it.” (I think I have seen a book trailer that went like that actually…) but don’t expect a lot of fancy effects or “fireworks”. I want it to reflect my book… dark, moody, mysterious.  Those are the feelings I want people to get.

I may stick in a few zombie photos of people if I can coerce enough people to dress up in zombie make up and send me some…. hmm… sounds like fun to me. Who’s on board? haha

If you have made a book trailer, what did you want the end product to look like? What kinds of feelings did you want the readers to take away from it?  If you’re like me and hasn’t made one yet, what do you envision it to look like?  Let me know in the comments section!


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